A tiny device that finds the stuff you always lose, using your and others' smartphone.
The six features you need to know:

1. SCAN & BEEP - Perfect for finding your TV remote or your keys behind the sofa cushions.Just follow your Lapa’s radar to guide you in the right direction and make it beep to know itsprecise location.

2. SAFETY MODE - Want to travel safe? Relax with ‘Safety Mode’ and get automatically alertedwhen you leave a Lapa behind (or if it leaves you) as soon as it falls out of your range. Great to stickto kids, passports, backpacks and anything important that you don’t want to lose sight of for toolong.

3. TRACK ON THE MAP - Can’t find your pet? Track it on the map and visualize its GPS location onthe spot. You will use this feature to know the exact location of where your Lapa was last seen:whether at the office, at home or anywhere else in the world.

4. COMMUNITY TRACKING - Even if your Lapa falls out of your 100-150 feet (30-50m) range, itslocation will be instantly updated when another Lapa user passes by it, with aid ofLapa’s ‘Community Track’. This feature creates a community of Lapa users to trace your things foryou. It passively runs in the background of everyone’s Android or iOS smartphone without anyoneever knowing that they just helped you find your Lapa.

5. SHARE (exclusive to Lapa: Facebook and e-mail integration) - Share access to your Lapas for twoor more users to control the same Lapa. This is great for your pet, your bike or even your car. ButLapa increases your circles, so you can find your things quicker. That’s why it enables you to reachyour Facebook and e-mail contacts in one click so they can help you find the things you lost, even ifthey still haven’t downloaded the App.

6. GO PUBLIC - Report your Lapa as lost using this feature and ask for help publicly, making yourLapa’s profile visible. Any Lapa user that passes by your Lapa will be invited to hold on to it andreturn it to you, and you’ll get notified along the way. This is the ultimate solution to find the stuffyou lost inside airports, shopping malls, universities or underground public transportation whereGPS is inaccurate or even impossible to get.