The Defender

After a friend had his bike light stolen and was struck by a car, Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries decided to fight back with the world’s first anti-theft bike light. Made of lightweight aluminum with using ultra-bright LEDs and 100 hours battery life.

Includes custom Gotham security screw drivers, and 3 x AA batteries, and adjustable spacers to fit your handlebars. 

Weight (G): 232
Dimensions (MM): 10 x 42 x 80
Handlebar Sizes (MM): 22 to 32
Batteries: 3 AA
Battery Life (HR):50 steady, 100 flashing
Beam: 30° spread, 80° periphery hotspot
Brightness: 50 Lumen
Power: 1 Watt

Check out the original crowdfunding campaign video!